More Orang Utans

I just wanted to highlight Isobel’s post that I re-blogged this morning, it’s something that I feel passionate about so if you could just take a look at these beautiful creatures and go over to sign on the link from earlier it would be wonderful.

We like it here, but it would be better if there was enough food and nice trees deep in the forest.


Here is our forest

My cousin is hiding up there, he has darker fur than I do because he chooses all his own food!


This is a friend

Will you help to make sure that the baby grows up to have babies too?


Can you see all those rows of trees? They are taking over our habitat and we need help so that we can survive.


With credit to Ross and Lori Hall and Lindy Campbell who took some of these photos while I was too ill to hold my camera!

Save the Orangutans

Thanks Isobel, I’ve seen this destruction first hand in Borneo, I’ve signed, will you?

Isobel (and Cat)'s Blog

I was shocked to read this.
How can we even begin to think of such destruction? Do the mining and palm oil companies have another spare planet to pull out of their pockets when they sucked this one dry?
Do sign the petition.

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