A Nightmare in the Garden

Spotted this evening, I was too scared to get close enough to photograph these monsters very well, as it is I will probably be awake all night wondering if I will be mobbed by a million of them when I go out the door in the morning!I know I’m a wuss, but I’m not frightened of heights and other things that scare some people.
A search revealed that they are Misumena Vatia, crab spiders that can change colour to match their backgound, which at the moment is acid yellow, dwarf euphorbia. It was 8.30 pm so not the best light to get an accurate color but they really are the same colour as the plant. Anyway even if I liked spiders (did I mention I don’t?) I wouldn’t like these sneaky beasties because they hide in their camouflage and grab hoverflies and BEES that stop by to feed on nectar. I took one photo with the pruners so you can see just what mammoth giants they are – help!!!


Planet App

A couple of weeks ago Sandra at http://sandraconner.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/experimental-writing-challenge/ decided to share a friends graphics as an experimental writing challenge. I like the image and had an idea straight away, but it took until this evening to do it. This is the image.

Fun isn’t it? I decided to limit myself to a hundred word flash.

Planet App

‘I told you this was a daft idea Terry, now look at you.’ Sandra was annoyed; his crazy ideas had got them in a mess again. Green Planet had been her project, her latest phone app, supposed to simulate space travel. Of course Mr Know It All had to take it a step too far. Now there he is swinging out over the edge of the universe.
‘Stuck are you? Well I’m using my last life to jump for it, no more virtual reality games for me,’ she yelled, pointing at the green planet. ‘Knitting apps, that’s where it’s at.’