A Nightmare in the Garden

Spotted this evening, I was too scared to get close enough to photograph these monsters very well, as it is I will probably be awake all night wondering if I will be mobbed by a million of them when I go out the door in the morning!I know I’m a wuss, but I’m not frightened of heights and other things that scare some people.
A search revealed that they are Misumena Vatia, crab spiders that can change colour to match their backgound, which at the moment is acid yellow, dwarf euphorbia. It was 8.30 pm so not the best light to get an accurate color but they really are the same colour as the plant. Anyway even if I liked spiders (did I mention I don’t?) I wouldn’t like these sneaky beasties because they hide in their camouflage and grab hoverflies and BEES that stop by to feed on nectar. I took one photo with the pruners so you can see just what mammoth giants they are – help!!!


38 thoughts on “A Nightmare in the Garden

  1. Oh, my! At first glance, not paying attention because I just got home and started up my favorite websites, I thought they were flowers, lol. Ewwww! Never seen a spider do the color change thing before.

  2. Oh, they are just too gorgeous Gilly and thanks for having the courage to capure them so nicely hon. I love their colours and wish I had them here. i would just sit all day long and photograph them. LOL! *hugs*

  3. That’s a thoroughly unnatural color for spiders! It’s a triple threat – creepy crawliness plus nasty bites (I know this from experience) plus a color that’s just plain wrong. I’d stay out of the garden this summer if I were you, Gilly! 😉

  4. Cor! i’ve just found a little nest of those in my greenhouse. i think they are the same. How big do they get? Mine looked like they were just hatched!

  5. They’re ugly little devils, aren’t they? I hate spiders. But most likely they are more scared of you than you are of them. They will probably stay away from you if you are in the garden, but I don’t think I’d sit on the ground.

  6. Ugly little pests. Are they new to your parts? We are destroying natural forgers it seems and new ones are climbing up into their place. Give me the creepy crawlies. Good pictures though. So brave of you to take these.

  7. Little colourshifters that lurk under cover waiting for the unwary? Now that’s what I call terrifying! Seriously, in parts of Australia there’s a small white spider that you never see (apparently) before it bites you, which you’re not really aware of, either, until that little sting on your arm or your leg begins top turn into a crater … I’m with anyone who’s distrustful of of small insects. Just because we’re bigger than them, doesn’t mean they can’t hurt us. 🙂

  8. I would have had nightmares too!
    One of my scariest memories is of one of my brothers squashing a giant spider on the wall and unleashing a million tiny baby spiders from inside its belly!!!

  9. I’m with you, I don’t like them. Yes I think they are beautiful and I want them to thrive in this world, just not near me or at least leave me in peace and I’ll do the same.

  10. Nothing much scares me but they did! Such a vibrant color for camouflage but matched the blooms perfectly. I have never seen a Crab Spider! This is close enough actually!

    1. You should visit ‘Sonels World’ she has amazing spider photos – in South Africa! Her photos are posts about spiders have actually made me see the beauty in them, which is good as long as they are there not here!

      1. Well done Gill 🙂 Many people just refuse to see the beauty in some spiders. Of course, some British spiders are just plain ugly anyway, unfortunately like our most common species that we see, the house spider 😦
        Sonels World is amazing, her insect photography is excellent. It’s a hard subject matter to photograph, I just stick to the stationary insects at the moment 🙂

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