American Tribal Style

Kalash Tribal are a group of lively women based in Devon with a real energy and passion for American Tribal Style belly dance. They dance, teach workshops and perform all over the UK and they’re a FatChanceBellyDance Sister Studio. I was mesmerised by their costumes, hair and make up, with its influences from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Some of their jewelry comes from the North African Berber and Tuareg¬† tribes – how could I not love it? Clothes are in earthy colours, very full skirts, hip scarfs and tops embroidered and adorned with coins. Their hair is lavishly styled and drawn high to give a clear view of the gestures the dancers make. Make up is bold with the most amazing eyes.

I chatted to two of these fabulous women but to my chagrin,  missed most of their performance. Here are some photos I just had to share with you. Click to see a larger view.

2013 Jul 27_6373_edited-1

2013 Jul 27_6376_edited-1

2013 Jul 27_6413_edited-1

2013 Jul 27_6421_edited-1