Travel Theme: Architecture

Ailsa has chosen architecture as her theme this week so I’m showing you the mosque at Larabanga, Northern Ghana. It’s said to be 500 years old and the oldest mosque in Africa. I’ve always wanted to see the mosque at Djenne in Mali, supposedly the biggest mud and stick mosque but that will probably never happen, so even on a rainy day I was thrilled to see this one. Of course non-Muslims were not permitted to go inside.

There is a legend about an Islamic trader who discovered the nearby mystic stone

Hoping for a mystical experience - like the rain stopping!
Hoping for a mystical experience – like the rain stopping!

and decided to sleep wherever his spear landed. He dreamt of building a mosque on that very spot and in the morning woke to find the foundations had mysteriously been laid during the night. He saw this as a sign, completed the building and now lies buried under the baobab tree beside the mosque.

What do you think? was the trader the architect?

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The Meon Valley Trail

The Meon Valley trail wends its way through around thirty miles of Hampshire countryside on a disused railway branch line that ran from Alton to Knowle until Mr Beeching closed it down in the 1960’s. It’s now a lovely walk used as a footpath, cycle and bridle path. On Sunday my daughter and I walked for an hour giving baby Scarlett some fresh air.

There is an abundance of flora and fauna, we saw


a privet hawk moth which grows to 85mm and had a vicious looking horn on its rear end.

IMG_3570 (2)

a Harlequin ladybird, an invasive variety that is a predator to our native ones

IMG_3568and a common frog.

The walk was lovely, come along with me.

Enjoy a ride


Pick some nuts

IMG_3589 (2)

and plan your next walk


I hope you enjoyed it!