American Tribal Style

Kalash Tribal are a group of lively women based in Devon with a real energy and passion for American Tribal Style belly dance. They dance, teach workshops and perform all over the UK and they’re a FatChanceBellyDance Sister Studio. I was mesmerised by their costumes, hair and make up, with its influences from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Some of their jewelry comes from the North African Berber and Tuareg  tribes – how could I not love it? Clothes are in earthy colours, very full skirts, hip scarfs and tops embroidered and adorned with coins. Their hair is lavishly styled and drawn high to give a clear view of the gestures the dancers make. Make up is bold with the most amazing eyes.

I chatted to two of these fabulous women but to my chagrin,  missed most of their performance. Here are some photos I just had to share with you. Click to see a larger view.

2013 Jul 27_6373_edited-1

2013 Jul 27_6376_edited-1

2013 Jul 27_6413_edited-1

2013 Jul 27_6421_edited-1

22 thoughts on “American Tribal Style

  1. Wow, great photos of some really beautiful women. The costumes are so intricate it must take hours to get ready, I’ve been looking at the tiny details for ages. They look so poised and confident, it’s lovely to see.

  2. Wow! Great shots Gilly and I just the headbands and jewellery hon. Stunning! Thanks for sharing sweetness. 😀 *hugs*

  3. how exotic and fabulous! your photos are brilliant gilly, the details of hair, face and jewellery just wonderful …. we just have to imagine the music that might accompany these glamorous dancers!

  4. Wow, I did not realize these are considered American. But what is truly “American” anyway? America is very young compared to England. It’s a land of immigrants and has so much diversity, reflective of the evolution of any country and also the times when globalization has been facilitated by easy travel and the Internet.

    Thanks, Gilly!

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