Scarlett gets her middle name

I’ve been pretty busy recently and as some of you know the main reason is the arrival of my third grandchild, my daughters first daughter Scarlett! I’ve been up to stay twice this month and I’ve had such a special time, bathing her and going with Nina and Steve to get her weighed. This week we even had a professional photo shoot, when Steve set up his studio lights, and I got to play with his serious camera to take photos of the three of them. Of course there are plenty of me with Scarlett and Nina too, maybe I’ll post some once Steve is happy with them. Meanwhile here are a few that I’ve taken.

My favourite dress

Scarlett didn’t have a middle name at first, but I’m thrilled to bits that they have chosen Ngozi. It’s a Nigerian Igbo name that means ‘Blessing’ and it’s great that she will carry a little of her cultural inheritance forward.

As well as all this I’ve been writing an assignment for my creative writing course and doing lots of craft fairs, but things are settling down now!

23 thoughts on “Scarlett gets her middle name

  1. … beautiful names for a beautiful girl, your excitement warms us through the page and screen Gilly, wonderful! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful name, and what wonderful pictures (especially the third one, so sweet) of a wonderful little girl! She looks so astonished in the fourth and fifth photos, as if she keeps seeing things she never saw before in her life (and that’s true, of course) 😀

  3. Wow. WOW–wow. Gorgeous pictures all. Scarlett Ngozi is a serious researcher already, studying the new world around her. Love your pictures, the last one, with the pop of colour is amazing. I look forward to more.

  4. Scarlett has the most beautiful eyes. The last photo of your daughter Nina and Scarlett together are worthy of a magazine cover for new mother’s. Her joy come through in the photo as does your pride and happiness for this new addition to your loving family. Scarlett will carry her blessings with her both in name and in family that adores her.
    Ngozi …. xoxo

  5. hi Gilly,
    the red dress of your granddaughter made me smile!
    (yesterday I hold on my arms my granddaughter too,
    aged two weeks, dressed in red … – and so light –
    nearly no weight at all…)

  6. Baby Scarlett is lovely in her pretty dress and her loving mother. A blessing indeed!
    Makes me happy looking at your photographs of your family.

  7. Your post gave me goose bumps. Scarlett is absolutely beautiful, and her grandmother is such a clever lady to come up with her scarlet garment! The photos are all lovely, as is your daughter as well. And her name is such a winner, so rich with her heritage! Congratulations all around!

    1. Ahh bless you, her uncle, my son, chose her red dress and it was fun colour popping it. She is such a sweet baby, they came for the weekend and i cried my eyes out when they left today, I won’t see her for a few weeks and I’ll miss her so much!

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