Lazy Poets Thursday Poem

Twin Seat

Reminiscent of medieval windows

In repose against an ancient wall

Twinned seats in iron wrought

Languishing until the return of spring

To warm and settle the metal

Into a welcoming retreat

Until then you chill the cheeks

Of any brave or foolish souls

Who linger in the sleeping garden

Unblessed by loves gentle glow

Knightshayes seat


7 thoughts on “Lazy Poets Thursday Poem

  1. Gilly, I LOVE this piece! I especially love that line about waiting for “spring to warm and settle the metal.” And I agree that those without love will chill their cheeks, but those with love’s glow inside won’t even notice. Been there; done that. Too bad I’m not in love now; guess my cheeks would get really cold.

  2. My morning coffee went down so much better this morning after reading this, Gilly. Two lines that jumped out at me:
    “…Languishing until the return of spring”
    “…Until then you chill the cheeks”

    The imagery made me smile. Lovely. 😉

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