Travel Theme: Fragant

One of the joys of the autumn is to find fragrance in a garden. I’ve known this wonderful tree for a long time, but it still catches me by surprise, and I smell it before I remember and find it. katsura

It has dainty leaves that are a very pretty shape, and fresh shade of green in spring and summer, but then once they start to fall the divine aroma bursts out.  It’s a Katsura tree, Cercidiphyllum Japonica, commonly known as a toffee apple tree. And that’s exactly what it smells like, especially if you  walk on the leaves or crush them in your hands. Heavenly!

toffee apple

There will be another Katsura photo tomorrow for my Daily Post haiku challenge, but meanwhile this is my Ailsa’s Travel Theme,


Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo

Krista over at The Daily Post says,

‘Your challenge, should you choose to accept it

In the words of Ray Bradbury, “Just write every day of your life…”. Your mission is to write five haikus — one for each of the five days leading up to this Friday when we will choose some entries and feature them on Freshly Pressed.

Of course, you can modify this challenge to suit your needs — you can write two haikus one day and three the next, or five all in one day, or one haiku every day from today through Friday — the choice is entirely up to you. If haikus don’t inspire you, you’re welcome to write a paragraph of prose instead. As always, the challenges are meant to be malleable so that they suit your needs.

While traditional haikus tend to focus on things found in nature — anything goes for this haiku challenge. You can write haikus about your dog, your house, your cat, your great aunt Tilly — anything that captures your muse. The object is to try a new form and put some variety into your writing projects.’

I really like this challenge. As some of you know I regularly write a Lazy Poets Haiku, Tanka or poem on Thursdays and I always use one of my own photos as inspiration. I really am a lazy poet, an undisciplined dabbler, so the Japanese short forms really appeal to me. From now until Friday I will attempt to match a haiku to a photo, here is day one.

haiku 1

Tutu’d white ladies

will you dance in the forest

glowing pas de deux

To join in or read some more polished work,