Good Use of a Photo?

Back in March I walked along the Tiverton canal here in Devon. As usual I took many photos, a fair few of them were dull, out of focus, poor compositions, maybe that includes this one? Tivvy tree before

Sometimes an image can be redeemed, do you think that applies here?

tivvy tree

And even put to good use, like this.

Tivvy coptic

Tivvy packed

A beautiful coptic stitched notebook with a cover created from an indifferent image. Be careful what you delete!


Travel Theme: Connections

Today is Remembrance Sunday in the UK. It’s always the second Sunday in November and is the day when we reflect on the courage and sacrifices made by our servicemen. One of the most moving experiences I’ve had while travelling was visiting Gallipoli, where thousands lost their lives. My photo shows a statue of a Turkish soldier carrying a wounded allied captain to safety on Pine Ridge, a true incident. I think it shows a compassionate connection between the two.



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