Winter Haiku

Wintering Waders, A Haiku Trio

Resting weary wings

On Exe and Clyst confluence

Fresh and salty meet


Beware the buzzard

In the reserve of marshland

Safety in numbers


Wintering waders

Gather strength for long haul flight

Global migration


This post was inspired by a visit to Green Mackenzie. Although Seonaid focussed on the cold night, she made me think about writing some wintery haiku. I’m a long way south of Seonaid and winter has only just begun, so this photo was taken last January at Bowling Green Marsh, a nature reserve and resting place for migratory birds.  You can click for a bigger view,  I was too far away to get a clear shot, but I believe these are mostly Dunlin, Godwit and Oystercatchers. The estuary is known for its Avocets, the symbol of the RSPB.

If you don’t know Seonaid, I know you’ll find peace and inspiration here.

9 thoughts on “Winter Haiku

  1. Wow Gilly, thanks for the lovely shout out.
    I love your winter haikus. Despite being so much further north we have a really similar estuary at Aberlady on the Firth of Forth….it’s also a bird sanctuary and sees waves of migrating birds as the year rolls through 🙂

  2. you pack of lot of visuals with sparse words.

    Hope you are surviving the wind storm if you impacted by it. Not a pleasant day in London.

    have a wonderful holiday and happy New year.

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