Chinese New Year

As you must know the Chinese Year of the Horse has begun. To celebrate it I’m posting a few pics of horses I’ve met , some of which you may have seen before. Click for a bigger view of any photo.

I wasn’t born in a horse year and as I’m not keen on the animal of my birth year I’m not telling you what it is!

This is the best article I came across about the year of the horse, enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

  1. I am living here in Shanghai and got to experience all the noise and fireworks for 2 days. The tradition is based in legend to scare away evil spirits with noise. The animals for each year represent a race held by the emperor and the animals that won the race or finished were then representing each year of the Chinese zodiac. From what I understand each year if popular for differnt reasons. This year the horse is strong, so it is favoured for that reason.
    Gorgeous photos of horses too.

  2. well I am content to admit we are both pigs in this household … and we are certainly independent creatures …but how much more noble and grand to be a horse! Your photos are lovely GIlly, especially the wild ponies and the show horses 🙂

  3. I folowed your link Gilly and found out that this year for me: Being a DOG from 1958 that…
    If events do not unfold in your favour, remember you do not have to struggle on all by yourself. The Horse ruling the year can bring those to lend you a helping hand, yet you need to be strong enough to reach out. Let it be known you would like some support. It gives others the pleasure of making a difference if they can do something to make your world a better place.


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