The Passion

Earlier in the week I learnt that Exeter was staging The Passion in the streets today, so camera armed I went to see the event. It began with a service in the Cathedral and a procession through the town. I found it in Bedford Square and got a space close to the front of a big crowd of people. 1 where this lady was the  signing interpreter. 2 and a Roman soldier  really looked the part. 3 Mary’s tears washed the feet of Jesus. 4 Judas betrayed Jesus to the scribes and Pharisees. 5 Elders of the tribe watched


While a blind man told how Jesus had restored his sight.     7 Then Jesus was brought to  the council of High Priests.


Je was taken before Pontius Pilate, who spoke with Jesus, then asked the people three times, why Jesus should be crucified.


The crowd only shouted ‘Crucify him’


And Jesus was taken away


with Judas looking on.


He carried a cross to ‘Calvary’


Where common thieves were also to be crucified.



He was nailed to the cross


he prayed to God the Father until he gave his life


and his body was taken down.

You know the rest of the story.

19 thoughts on “The Passion

  1. Thank you for sharing the Way of the Cross with your followers. Too often the true meaning of Easter is overlooked in our (s0-called) Christian countries.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, it is wonderful that something like this is available for all to see and reminding those of the Christian faith what the meaning of Good Friday and Easter are truly all about.

  3. Weee! Lucky for you to witness this, Gilly. I want to see one myself. The ones we have in the Philippines can be very very graphic. Well captured, Gilly. Love the portraits. You nailed it. No pun intended. 😀

  4. Looks like this portrayal was very realistic. I’m sure it was moving to be so close to the real action. And you did an excellent job with the pictures, Gilly — as usual.

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