100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 136

Julia took her husband for a birthday treat a few days ago and it brought back fifty year old memories, so her prompt this week is . . . it was fifty years ago.


Walking to way back when

The 4th year boys played ‘A Life on the Ocean Waves’, on assorted instruments and straggled around the grass, tripping over their feet as they concentrated on their fingers. Heavitree church bells chimed twice, signalling for the headmaster, Mr Knowles, to bellow,

‘Miss Rhiendorp’s girls, line up for the first race.’

I took the spoon, carefully balanced the egg and launched straight ahead. Lesley was right beside me, until she dropped her egg; Jane Sheldon dashed past, but fell over just before the end. I won!

It was fifty years ago, the sports field seems smaller now, I’ve walked its length in a flash of memory.

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