Crikey It’s Vintage Sunday

At the weekend a very old friend invited me to join her on a visit to a vintage fair. When she suggested it I was delighted to be spending the day with her but less impressed with the idea of ‘vintage’, I didn’t think it was my scene.

When we go there it was far bigger than I imagined, probably more than a hundred stalls with something for everyone, even a sceptic like me.

Here are some of the things we saw.

A vintage fashion show!

Vintage and retro transport.

And nostalgic pretties.

All in all it was a great day with loads to see, things I’d forgotten existed from my childhood and goodness, a lot of people love this stuff. They regularly dress up to step back in time. Perhaps some of you indulge in vintage, please share if you do?

My best bit? finding some maps from 1960 and only one pound each!

30 thoughts on “Crikey It’s Vintage Sunday

  1. My goodness. Look at the pointy sunglasses. I used to have a pair of cats-eye glasses with rhinestones. Wonderful to see this, Gilly. Glad the retro stuff is still making the rounds. Lots of memories.

  2. A treasure trove of goodies at that show Gilly, I find the collections fascinating, and love the memories brought by old cars and clothes, but I am glad I can see it and leave it to the experts! Great photos, love the old patterns in the basket 😀

  3. What a cool idea for a festival! I’ve never been to one. Renaissance festivals seem to be all the rage here, but this seems more fun and more variety.

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