A Banksy Contrast

Bristol museum has a couple of Banksy’s in it’s collection and I remembered this one when I thought about contrasts.

This isn’t how I tend to see an angel, the statue beneath may be, but Banksy has added a little something to make us think as usual.

The trashy paint pan is in complete contrast to the angel. Here is what the Museum has to say about it.

and another look.

What are your thoughts, are you aware of Banksy’s work?
Visithttp://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/contrasts/ for mlore contrasts.


19 thoughts on “A Banksy Contrast

  1. This makes me uncomfortable because it reminds me of those days when that old saying, “Put a bag over her head and they are all the same.” An ugly saying but it came immediately to mind. 😦

  2. I honestly have never seen Banksy’s work and in all honesty, I would have thought this was an act of vandalism had you not provided additional details. Although this kind of art is not really my cup of tea, I realize that the definition of art is a very personal thing. Quite interesting I must say. 🙂

  3. I love this straight away, maybe because he used pink, I can still picture the angel underneath, after all we have all seen so many of these statues, so just add pink like a little girl’s fairy dress, then the upturned bucket to hide her pretty face, and we can laugh at the absurdity of it all … how much more pleasant than an unadorned angel she is!

  4. I had to laugh at the bag over the head analogy. 😀 This work of art also makes me feel uncomfortable because it displays vandalism. I can’t see past that at present. It’s actually quite brilliant! 😀

  5. I am such a Banksy fan. I like how he flips what’s expected on it’s head. His messages are powerful. And of course I like that it’s pink paint. 🙂 Great shots. The second one could have worked for the “Between” photo challenge–between the columns.

  6. I really like the angle of your first shot, Gilly 🙂 The work, not so much. It really divides, this kind of thing, doesn’t it? Some of his stuff I don’t mind.

  7. I knew Banksy starting when I watched the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. I am very fascinated by him, and I think he is remarkable for being a bold artist. Although, I think the piece you showed here is a little disturbing, unsettling. I think it crosses the line between art and art destruction.
    If he’s painting on a wall with an artistic piece and I’m alongside him repainting white paint over his work, I don’t think he’ll appreciate that… no artist would.

  8. I’m a great fan of Banksy’s photo~realistic and ironic graffiti, Gilly, but I’d never heard about this exhibition ~ so thanks for showcasing this part of it. The image disturbs my conventional side ~ angels and cemetery monuments are sacrosanct, which makes the tipped~up paint pot desecration. But then a huge part of me salutes the artist for challenging me to think more deeply ~ a bit like many of your posts! 😉

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