Apple Season at Killerton

This weekend coming is apple time at the National Trust’s Killerton estate, just east of Exeter.  I won’t be able to make it but I popped out last weekend for a walk and found that the orchard was being readied for visitors. orch1

There was an abundance of apples, lots of windfalls and still many to pick.


Families were strolling around looking at the different varieties and children were given little wheelbarrows to collect the fruit. I sampled some Killerton Cider, quite dry and strong, I didn’t dare have more than a very small cup as I was driving.
The bit I enjoyed most of all was watching a dead tree being brought back to life and colour, being yarn bombed

I hope this lovely work has survived the heavy rain we’ve had all week, and tonight’s lightening storm, there are sure to be lots of visitors this weekend, to watch the pressing and learn about orchards!


15 thoughts on “Apple Season at Killerton

  1. Yarn bombed! I love this term.
    Thanks for the pictures of the orchards. We used to go apple-picking mid-October but haven’t for years now. Wonderful deciding what to pick and bring home. ❤ Our weather's been wet as well.

  2. Lovely! I had some terrific cider in Bridport, could get used to that! I need to check out what our local NT places are doing, but it probably won’t be making cider 😉

    1. I have a craft fair on Sunday Jo so I need to get ready! It would be fun to knit or crochet fruit in such bright colours wouldn’t it? I should have said that some of these were made by local school children 🙂

  3. you’ve made a fine tribute to autumn and apples, Gilly! I like apple juice, my mother yearly carried some loads with a tractor to a juice factory, came back with lots of bottles; tasty (though she always told: sorry some dead mice were integrated…)

  4. Is there a purpose for yarn bombing, other than for decoration? You know, like placing scarecrows in a garden, or similar? You’ve spiked my curiosity now. I’ve never heard of a yarn bomb before seeing your photograph, which is why I ask.

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