Gaudi’s Mosaics at Guell

Eusebi Guell entrusted Gaudi to create an estate for wealthy people, in Barcelona on land that he purchased in the Monumental zone, high above the city where the air was clean and healthy. Unfortunately the project was not viable and Guell halted it in in 1914. When Guell died his family offered the property to the city council. They purchased it in 1922 and opened it as a public park four years later.
Since then Gaudi has become an international treasure, and his creation was declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1984. Here are some the fabulous mosaics in the park.

And here is Eusebi Guell himself, standing in the Hippostyle room.
Eusebi Guell


17 thoughts on “Gaudi’s Mosaics at Guell

  1. Thank you for yet more reminders of our visit. I was fascinated by Gaudi’s work but at times found it a little ‘mind blowing’. Not in the astonishing way but in the spinning that my head undertook when surrounded by it. Thank you so much for this series of posts Gilly!

  2. Absolutely f.a.s.c.i.n.a.t.i.n.g. I agree with Julia. It would become somewhat overwhelming in short time as there’s so much mosaic all at once. Still, a fabulous idea. โค โค

    1. Oops that went too soon. I was saying having seen more of his work each time you really do appreciate the genius. Just waking round spotting little gems makes for a delightful morning. Thanks for the reminder. You take great pictures.

  3. thanks for introducing me to this cool place xxooo I like mosaics and it was nice to see this expression with it – I think I so often think Mexico – and well, I like the mixed elements here.

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