Off Season and Decayed

This week, we challenge you to show us what off-season means to you. It could be the shuttered ice-cream stand in the Southern Hemisphere where winter is drawing near. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it might your snowmobile peeking out from beneath its tarp, or your Christmas decorations arranged neatly in the attic. Feel free to interpret this theme loosely β€” consider objects at rest and unmoved, places that are stagnant or abandoned.

Can’t wait to see how you interpret this challenge!

This is Krista’s challenge at the daily Post this week. I struggled to think of anything until I re-read the last sentence and then it fell into place.
The paraphernalia of the world of fishing and the sea shore fascinates me, I have no idea what most of it is, but I do like to photograph it. So here are some photos taken in winter on the beach at Budleigh Salterton in Devon.

If you would like to join in visit Krista here.


15 thoughts on “Off Season and Decayed

  1. Your photos perfect for the challenge and offer a real feel to the scene of what has taken place. Would make excellent writing prompts. Thanks for your visits, likes and comments, Gilly.

  2. I’m taking an enforced break from life in the blogosphere for a while. I’ll miss you, but I need to get from here to there, although I’ll still be posting: otherwise my life will disappear in a puff of forgetting.

  3. That fellow all rugged up and reading his paper definately says off-season. I will always remember visiting Brighton for the first time when I came back to the UK, after 20+ years in NZ, for my Mam’s 90th birthday, and the “stony” beaches always surprise me because I am used to looking at our sandy ones over here.

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