Playing with a seedhead photo

In a local park there is a sensory garden, filled with fragrant flowers and plants that are lovely to touch. I’d love to be able to capture the scent, but the best I could manage was this photo of a seedhead on my phone.seedy1st

Inspired by Jude’s bench challenge, I’ve been dabbling with editing a again recently and this pic seemed like one to try. seeds4

So I sent it to my tablet and opened it with Pixlr, dropped it four times into a collage and tweaked the colour slightly. seedyThe last thing I did was to pick the creative option, Gadelf, before sending it back to Photoshop on my laptop., where I simply used enhance/auto level to get the result above.

Simple Meg?


10 thoughts on “Playing with a seedhead photo

  1. I love the first shot too, so beautifully delicate. However, I can absolutely see the pleasure of playing. My other favourite is the one that shows all the variations. Simple maybe, my friend, but you need to know what the app / program will do, and then you have to know what you’re doing. (I’m trying to keep anew addiction at a distance!)

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