Sagrada Familia from the bus

The best bit of my trip to Barcelona in April was Sagrada Familia, so I thought I’d show you why. This is Gaudi’s last and greatest masterpiece, and it’s hoped that it will finally be finished in 2026 to mark the centenary of his death.

I’m not going to ramble on, nothing I could say isn’t said better on the Sagrada Familia website, but love it or hate it, this building is incredible. These photos were all taken with a compact camera from the Bus Turistic, how I wish I’d been able to take my dslr!


33 thoughts on “Sagrada Familia from the bus

  1. “The church will be able to accommodate some thirteen thousand people. When finished, the Sagrada Família will have a total of eighteen towers.” Wikipedia
    This is quite magnificent. Thank you very much for sharing your pictures.

      1. Never been to Barcelona. Had the opportunity but chickened out as I would have been on my own to explore and I was too nervous at the time 😦

  2. I love the Sagrada de Familia! I saw it on TV once in my teens and knew one day I would have to see it in person. Luckily I did in my 20’s. It was pretty incredible then and even more incredible now. One day I will need to go back and see it again.

      1. Yes I want to go back again too. Can you still climb the towers? I did once with a large backpack on as we were only in Barcelona for the day. I always wanted to go back and do it again.

  3. I’m pleased you showed some photos with the people in them, they give a real perspective as the building just dwarfs the people, they look like ants…

  4. I was never sure whether I would love or hate it, Gilly, and from the outside I certainly had reservations. But when I walked into that space…. quite unbelievable! A love affair began 🙂

  5. We were there in 2003, and I remember thinking that there was still so much work to do. I’m wondering if those cranes will ever be taken away. It’s mind-boggling to imagine that one day about ten years hence, the very last little bit of detail will be completed, and someone will say, “Okay that’s it…….done!” 🙂 Great photos, Gilly.

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