Blooming Knightshayes

Yesterday afternoon I dodged the showers and went to Knightshayes, a National Trust property near Tiverton with my friend. I haven’t been for a couple of years, and even then I’ve only visited the walled kitchen garden. the formal garden is beautiful and apparently it has the only ‘garden in the wood’ in existence. For now though I’m just showing you a gallery of some of the plants I liked best. If you click you can see a bigger image.

Do you have a favourite? Enjoy.


31 thoughts on “Blooming Knightshayes

  1. You’ve intrigued me with the garden in the wood. When do I get to see it? Not that I’m complaining about this array of flowers. My favourites? Sea holly. The lineup of thorns. Passion flower (always – it’s the peacock of the flower world). And angel’s fishing rod for the name as much as the flower. All beautifully captured.

  2. No favourites, but the passion flower reminded me of the first time I encountered it. I was newly married and our first rental house had this vine growing all through a row of shrubbery. Somehow, I thought something that looked like that was a wicked thing to have, and I ripped most of it out. It was a long time before I discovered it was a passion-fruit. I felt such a dill. Thorns – I have one of those nasty roses. I get hurt every time, no matter how carefully I cut flower stems, or prune.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely images, looking forward to more.

  3. They all look adorable, but the photo titled ‘Another mystery’ is my favourite, because the flowers look like a seamstress-assembly line for fairies to come and wear them, which pulls my mind even further into melodic fantasies full of dance and sweet song.

  4. A real flower feast for me Gilly. And before you ask, no I don’t know the names of the ones you haven’t named, not even the one you say you know!! I’ll pick the angel’s fishing rod as my favourite. Such a lovely name and such a delicate flower. Look forward to more from this garden 🙂

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