Rooftops, lichen and the Tate cafe

I recently posted photos of St Ives, and Jude commented on the abundance of lichens on the roof tops, a sign of clean air. She is our expert on Cornish towns and gardens, especially the far west, and hopefully she will post some photos to compare our take on the roof top views.
tate roof
We both have photos taken from the cafe of the Tate gallery, the one above was an attempt to use the panorama setting on my phone. It seems to have concaved a window that I thought was convex. Never mind, the view was perfect, as was the food, quiche with salad and Pimms jelly with cucumber sorbet!

If you go back to the inside cafรฉ there are views of the town and the bay.

Now you can see those lichened roofs.

Nelson has a home here as well, his gang can be seen all over the town.
And I rather liked this colourful littleย deck garden. I wonder if the people living in these cottages get any privacy, they must be so photographed.
This wordless Wednesday photo was taken from the cafรฉ as well, the depth of field created a rather odd perspective.

29 thoughts on “Rooftops, lichen and the Tate cafe

  1. I didn’t know that licensed roofs were a sign of clean air, Gilly ~ I’ll be looking out for those on the island from now on. The views from the Tate are suberb and the food sounds delicious. I love finding quirky hidden roof gardens and terraces too. Lovely post ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We have taken a number of ‘roof’ photos Gilly. They are so interesting. V clever to change there perspective of that window!

      1. it won’t be until next year if I go ahead with another challenge. The bench one is keeping me busy enough. I don;t know how people who run several challenges keep up with them!

        Looks like I had a bluer sky day in St Ives than you did, but you got some interesting shots – even the Godrevy lighthouse I notice (I chopped that off – it was so far away I obviously didn’t even see it!) I think the majority of the houses in the old town are all holiday lets so people probably won’t care that they are being endlessly photographed. I’d like to photograph these scenes in winter.

  3. Lovely! I didn’t know the lichen / clean air connection either. As I also said to Jude on her post, we were there last year and were very disappointed to find the Tate closed. However, we were still able to visit the roof terrace which was some compensation (too early for lunch, but the coffee was good). Reasons to go back part 193 or thereabouts!

  4. I too have taken many similar photos in all seasons from the upstairs of the Tate… the orange lichen in low winter light in particular are quite spectacular!

  5. Judging from the mottled rooftops there’s ample clean air! Lovely views, Gilly. The place looks to have a good nautical tang about it. Those ‘Nelson’s’ get everywhere (assuming not the Admiral?)

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