27 thoughts on “How Many Bees . . .

  1. Ten, but you are being mean in not letting us enlarge the image 😀
    I love Heleniums and have a similar shot to this – beautiful colourful blooms!

  2. I count 11. What a fun challenge. I’m just now catching up after about a week of non-communication, due to some deadlines with work, so this was a fun way to get back into the flow.

  3. Bees have loved this and Sedum in our garden this year. It’s been amazing to watch them busying themselves as I enjoy my morning coffee. Beautiful shot.

  4. Lovely photo! I admit, I did not even try to count. But it made me remember a time as a child when I thought: I haven’t stepped on a bee for a long time. I felt lucky. But then, went over to a clover and stepped on a bee on purpose. And thought…oh yeah, that’s what it feels like. I guess I’ve always been a little “off”!

  5. Way too many to count. 😆

    What a gorgeous view and an excellent shot as well Gilly. Such beautiful colours and it’s always great to see the busy bees. They are so wonderful. 😀 ♥

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