A September Bench

Jude’s bench theme for September is metal. When I first saw it, I thought it would be easy. Even when I posted a metal bench with unusual detail in July I didn’t think that September would be difficult – wrong! I’ve had my eyes open everywhere I’ve been for a month, looked through millions of my photos and was about to give up. Then yesterday I found this one, tucked in a dull corner, I was tempted to move it but didn’t think the National Trust would appreciate that! So I tweeked it a little and now I rather like it.

Jude bench

Jude will be sharing her own and other peoples bench, yours too if you ‘d like to join her here.

24 thoughts on “A September Bench

  1. I think we are all agreed that this one needs a cushion, but it sure is elegant. I had to smile at the thought of you trying to move it into a better position 😀

      1. LOLOL … I call it the middle age spread. Keep in mind I’m of Latin decent, we tend to have BIG bottoms. 😄 I don’t think I’ll compete though as I try to cover mine as best I can with slightly larger clothes. hahaha

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