Connected to East Devon

and Exeter!

The verb “connect” is among the most versatile ones in contemporary usage. We turn to it to describe an emotional click with another person, but also to talk about the status of our (ever-proliferating) gadgets.The verb “connect” is among the most versatile ones in contemporary usage. We turn to it to describe an emotional click with another person, but also to talk about the status of our (ever-proliferating) gadgets.

Like many people I thought about my gadgets and photographed the connecting ones, including my last five years of mobile phones, just for fun. connectedThen I started thinking about what connected really means to me, family and friends goes without saying, I’ve posted a few personal photos here on my blog, but that isn’t what Lucid Gypsy is about.

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that I absolutely love where I live. I like to travel whenever I can afford it, going out into the world, meeting people and having interesting experiences is wonderful, but to live in my little part of the world is incredible lucky. So here are some random photos of my local area, a place that I feel a deep connection to. First of all, Woodbury, a little village five miles from Exeter where I lived for a few weeks just after I was born.

The nearest beach Exmouth, is the one that most east of the Exe people choose, especially if they grew up in the days before mass car ownership. I’ve already posted lots of photos of Exmouth, and other places along the Exe and the estuary.

Just a mile from the centre of Exeter is my area, Heavitree, it has its not so wonderful bits, like too many takeaways in the main street, but it’s full of history and very friendly.

We’re right in the city now. There is evidence that Exeter dates back to 250bc. It was also the most south westerly Roman settlement in Britain.

It may not be grand, except for the Cathedral, but Exeter, east Devon and a little village in Nigeria, there’s a photo here, are the places I feel connected to.


18 thoughts on “Connected to East Devon

  1. I love your tribute to your place, especially the fan vaulting and that magnificent shot of summer at the Blessed Sacrament. It’s just occurred to me that everyone in my close blogging community blogs tribute to their place predominantly. I like the picture of you as a little girl in nature class. How influential was it do you reckon in shaping the now-Gilly?

    1. Interesting question Meg.i think my teacher Miss King who was very proper influenced a seven year old G very much. She used to tell tales of her travels to Egypt (unusual in those days) as well as the nature study walks. Combined with my grandmother who was a very wise woman she gave me a real love of the natural world. This evening my friend and I have made Crab Apple and Hawthorne Berry jelly, although other people make such things, I don’t actually know another soul who would do! Foraging for the berries was such fun even though i got scratched and bitten 🙂

      1. I wish I’d had a Miss King! Travel and nature both gifts from her – what about propriety?? I missed out on having grandmothers too: both of mine died before I was born, and I’m sad about the loss of their possible legacies. My love of nature is of much more recent genesis – probably thanks to J mostly.

        I love the thought of you and your friend time-travelling back to the gatherer part of human history, and then turning your harvest into Crabapple and Hawthorne Berry jelly: preparing jam melons (what were they? I don’t see them around now) for melon-and- lemon or melon-and-ginger or melon-and-pineapple jam was a family event in my childhood. I hope the scratches and bites were a small price!

  2. In many ways I feel envious of the long history of connectedness you have Gilly. I have always been a nomad and every time I move on I resettle and find home is where I lay my head (even when we lived in Matilda when it changes position almost daily) But as I get older the strong sense of belonging, that you have, is so lovely to read about.

    1. I think its quite unusual these days to have always lived in the same city, although not so unusual in England. I really do consider myself very lucky that I live here Pauline X:-)x

      1. My BFF from my teenage years has lived in the same area of Yorkshire all her life. I’ve tried to persuade her to come over here for a visit but she hates flying.

  3. It’s a beautiful place, Gilly. I can’t blame you for enjoying it and feeling fortunate to be there. It looks like there a great deal of history too. Your photos showcase you dedication to what you’re connected to.
    Isn’t that the way it should be? It’s a wonderful feeling to be where we want to be.
    Well done … Issy 😎

  4. Wonderful photos of Exeter Gilly 🙂 And great to see some of Exmouth, when I was wee, we went their on holiday a few times 🙂 I have a vague memory of a small train near the seafront for carrying kids on. This would have been in the very early seventies 🙂

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