Happy Places

Krista’s challenge this week is . . .

Have you ever felt like the world was being a bit too rowdy? Where things and people were pushing in, crowding out your quiet thoughts β€” the ones that need time and space to surface?

Whenever I feel like an away day it’s invariably to the moor, the coast or a beautiful garden. Luckily there are many, many choices of each in wonderful Devon.
For total escapism there is Dartmoor. There are busy places there, Haytor on a summer weekend has a great many visitors, some of whom do not even get out of their cars. Even there, if you’re prepared to walk and scramble a little way, you will find some peace.
For those in the know there are still places where you might not meet a soul, this is one of them.
dmoor1 copy
Not a lot of rowdiness going on.
For a bit of a stroll and some invigorating sea air, try this Bristol Channel view.
Some of the path can be a bit hard on the knees though!
If a pootle, with lunch or tea and cake is called for – and it often is,
nothing on earth beats an English garden for beauty, peacefulness, fragrance and colour.
Where is your happy place?


21 thoughts on “Happy Places

  1. Any or all of those would do me as I am sure you know πŸ™‚
    Is the Bristol Channel view of Hartland Point? Just wondering if that is the lighthouse in the distance. Now that IS a remote spot and exceptionally beautiful. A place to blow away the cobwebs.

  2. These are very appealing, love that Dartmoor scene – layers of history there. Also like the aspect of having a spot where fragrance adds to happy contentment, oh and roses are right up there with the divine πŸ™‚

  3. My week has been far too busy & stressful, particularly for a retired lady. These photos shout to me that I must connect with nature soon. Love the stones on the moor!

  4. A garden is a delight to the eyes and a solace for the soul – Sadi and your photo of the garden seems a perfect place to transcend transcend the mind.


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