Ten Years Ago Today . . .

. . . I was in India.

When I first heard of the city of Jaisalmer I was entranced, it seemed to me to be at the end of the world. The golden city is  dominated by the fort, a living, vibrant place that has a life of its own, hanging on the edge of the far west of India.

It’s a very commercial town, everywhere you turn someone is trying to persuade you that you need spices you’ve never heard of, saris, wall hangings, ornaments of all types. I expect it’s even more touristy now. But that doesn’t spoil it’s charm, the twists and turns of each cow inhabited alley, gets under your skin and even deeper into your nostrils.

There are several Jain temples, with finely detailed interiors, and a plethora of Buddhas.

The stoneware is so beautiful it’s hard to know where to look.

But there are quiet spots to reflect,
And sculpture to wonder at,
Haveli’s are mansion houses of the wealthy. While some in Rajasthan are dilapidated, many are well maintained and open to the public for a few hundred rupees. This one was a museum come antique shop, I think pretty much everything was for sale at a price, even though it was also a home.

In the afternoon of October 20th,we went wandering around the streets. As in cities all over the world, groups of men gather on street corners and squares to play cards and board games, while the women are hard at work trying to feed their families.
The fort is one of the biggest in the world, built high on a hill with three layers of walls and ninety nine bastions. Here is a view from one.

In time for sunset, we went just outside the town to see the fort change colour, by day it’s the colour of a lion, but at sunset it turns to a honey gold.
Although the sunset was disappointing, traveling friend and I were happy to be all dressed up in our finery, in the most mesmerising city at the end of the world.

jais17Jaisalmer is around 800 kilometeres from Delhi, and it can be reached by train, an overnight journey. Better still, try a slow journey and stop along the way. Rajasthan is wonderful and the people are warm and friendly, who are justifiably proud of their heritage.

39 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago Today . . .

  1. Beautiful memories Gilly. I love the vibrancy of the colours & the intricate designs on the buildings. Not a place on my list but it looks magical.

  2. Stunning photographs, Gilly. Superb, intricate workmanship. Magnificent color. I feel the sound and movement of life from waayy over here. Wow. Thanks for sharing, ❤ ❤ ❤ What the heck did I do before the internet? ^^'

  3. Not a place I have heard of, but you certainly look happy to be there. I think anywhere in India you will find someone trying to sell you something – it is a country which assaults all of your senses all of the time! That is one big fort and you have some lovely photographs to look back on. Did you do a tour of India? I’m just wondering how you got to this place.

      1. I had always wanted to do that too… and I never would have guessed it would be China. I always dreamed Europe. However, it was so interesting to learn about another culture like that. I felt so lucky and blessed to be more of an insider.

  4. Love the expression ‘a plethora of Buddhas’, Gilly! 🙂 The sculpture is entrancing, isn’t it, and you capture it so beautifully. I especially like the shot through the pillars of the man at prayer and the one before it.
    Wonderful memories, hon! 🙂 Is that the same friend who accompanied you to Tavira?

  5. Lovely memories through your images, Gilly… I have always wanted to visit that area, never did and I feel my health prohibits it now. Oh, well, such is life

      1. Better than in humid heat, but any heat makes me very fatigued…and also, because my immune system is shot to bits, I do worry about stomach bugs….

  6. I were very happy to provide my services to Lindi and Gilli for Rajasthan ttrip 10 year ago.

    Looking forword again to provide my services if some one want.
    magan singh

  7. That heading itself has rekindled the want in me to blog again for fun 🙂
    Been a long time since I did any real blogging.
    Nice photos 🙂
    India is a great place to visit – there is something for everyone.

  8. Thanks for posting this article reminding me of my trip to India now 15 years ago, but the sights, sounds and smells plus the vibrancy of the colours and the wonderful people I met there make it seem like only yesterday!
    I travelled to Jaisalmer too, rode a camel into the Thar desert at sunset, visited the rat temple at Karni Mata, travelled on the overnight train from Delhi to Bikaner and also stayed at Jaipur and the wonderful Lake Palace in Udaipur. What a wonderful experience which will live forever, my photos are beattifully stuck into albums with tickets and souvenirs, as it was unfortunately pre digital days! Perhaps I will get them out and try to rephotograph them…

    1. Or maybe scan them? I didn’t go to Udaipur, but I went to Pushkar. I have a post about Karni Mata that I intend to re-blog soon. Jaisalmer remains one of my favourite places. Would yo go back Anne?

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