A Green Circle Walk

My city, Exeter, has a 12 mile circle of paths around it, going through valley parks, nature reserves, town parks and cemeteries. Because the path passes through so many green spaces – as well as leafy residential areas, on the quiet it is a haven for wildlife. There are foxes, buzzards, woodpeckers, deer and kestrel. Around the river and canal sections you may see kingfishers, mute swans and even otters.

Last weekend I walked a section of the Ludwell Valley Park. At it’s best on a clear day in high summer, when the views are beautiful and the meadows rich with the sound of chaffinch, goldfinch and even the rarer yellowhammer and cirl bunting. In early autumn there is still plenty to see if you keep your eyes open.

autumn meadowThe remains of the meadow, left for wildlife to feast on.

The meadow was abundant and diverse in the summer.

They went that wayTwo small border terrorists decided to abandon me here!

One day it will be mightySo I stood around, admired the youngish oak tree, called them, stood around some more,

South west towards haldon
Squinted at the hazy view
Holly tree
enjoyed the holly and eventually they re-appeared.
A bench with a view
So they had a bit of a sit down, and we all enjoyed a different view.

Towards the west

Then headed back to our starting point.

Admiring the rich hedgerow along the way.

into the unknownDaisy debates another diversion, but we heard an animal sound, possibly a fox, bigger than her and warning her off, so she came back as soon as I called!

the valley parkLudwell valley part of the Green Circle has several entrances and you can walk three or four miles some of which will be very steep or just take a half mile level stroll. Whichever you choose, the air is fresh and its very peaceful.

I hope you enjoyed early autumn in Exeter Green Circle, this post is for Jo’s Monday Walk, she would be delighted if you joined her and her other walkers.

22 thoughts on “A Green Circle Walk

  1. And I’m sure Jude would admit your two delightfully posed misbehavers to her benches too 🙂 🙂 I also thought that it would work for the extraordinary in the ordinary, Gilly. 🙂 Aren’t we versatile? In the summer our council finally got something right and sewed fabulous wildlife borders in many of our green spaces. A real treat! I kept meaning to post some but Summer’s gone 😦 Thanks a lot for thinking of me, darlin. 🙂 Happy Sunday!

  2. It looks absolutely stunning, and 12 miles of it! My mother went to university in Exeter and to this day she raves about its beauty, to see it so vibrant and summery in October is wonderful 🙂

  3. Have you walked the entire 12 miles then Gilly? This looks lovely – such wonderful views on a clear day and how nice to find so much floral beauty still. The amount of those holly berries worry me though – doesn’t that mean we are in for a bad winter?

  4. I enjoyed this walk with you. Love all the wild flowers and the lush green fields. How I hate to say goodbye to summer and fall. Winter and I don’t see eye-to-eye. 🙂 Brrr. 😦
    Stunning photographs, Gilly. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Looking at your gorgeous photos this morning as I am faced with gray, dark, soggy chill here. Your photos are encouraging and invite me to join in your stroll. You and Jo know how to make us want to join in your walks.

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