Sunset on a bench

There’s still a few days for Jude’s bench challenge, this month it’s benches with people or other objects on them. This one was taken a few years ago on the waterfront at Kota Kinabalu. I’ve always felt that the blurriness gives it a slightly dreamy quality as the people gaze out on the islands of Tunku Abdul Raman park. What could they be thinking as they enjoy the view, is their conversation interesting, or perhaps they are silent?


Do you have a bench photo to share with the world? visit Jude, she’ll explain!

15 thoughts on “Sunset on a bench

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. When I was on Tioman Island off the coast of peninsular Malaysia, I was deep in thought as to where to travel in the coming weeks…Malaysian Borneo was high on the list. I didn’t make it out there but wish I did. This picture is incredible. I remember the sunsets in Aceh Province off the northern coast of Sumatra looking about as stunning as this one here. Thanks for bringing me back!

  2. You wouldn’t need conversation, would you? 🙂
    I took the title literally, Gilly, and thought you were going to do a monumental cheat with an image of a setting sun, sitting on a bench. Heck- I can hardly even say that! Lovely image 🙂

  3. Love the reflection of the sky on the water – could sit there for hours – only the sky would change by then!

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