Blogging friends

Well just look who I’ve found.

IMG_1771 [7316870]

I met the amazing Julia, from the 100 word challenge, @theheadsoffice and Julia’s Place and her husband Nick on Saturday. We had a great time, with cake and conversation of the very best kind!It really did seem like we’ve known each other for ever.

Are you a blogger? Have you ever met a reader in real life? Read about one of my blogging friends

Visit Julia here Blogging friends

27 thoughts on “Blogging friends

  1. Lovely pic Gilly – I agree it is lovely to chat over tea/coffee with like minded people. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday – going to check out your friends page. 🙂

  2. I remember when you met dear Christine, Gilly.
    I’ve met one reader/blogger when she came to Pittsburgh – Kathryn from Vastly Curious.
    It is a cool experience.

  3. Just once! It went really well – I think if communicating through blogging has established that you have shared interests, there’s good chance you’ll get on in person. (And obviously the two of you have cake in common too…..)

  4. Hello Lucid Gypsy I am enjoying following your posts and thought that I would leave a comment! I have indeed planned to meet up with a fellow garden and travels blogger next month. A couple of weeks ago I also met up with an artist with whom I had been corresponding by email and messaging via Facebook at his solo show in London. It was great to meet up and it struck me as odd that I already felt that I “knew” him via our correspondences! It’s a bit like 21st Century pen pals!

  5. yes, I met several times blogger in my real life (in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dnepropetrovsk etc.) – it was always very funny! Good, that you could make the same experience!

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