Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku


Floating on the tide

Mother nature shared her love

Shadowed in the sand



15 thoughts on “Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

  1. I love found artistry on the sand, and this is an amazing treasure, as you knew I’d think it was. Cheers me up as the Tamborine mob prepares to depart and plans for the Poles wobble – my Polish daughter has pneumonia in Queensland, so we may be off again soon if the drive south is too much for her.

    1. Pneumonia, the poor love she must feel dreadful, how long are they down under? I hope she can get to you, so the twinnies can stay in your home, for the first time I think. I know you’ll enjoy them wherever you are. What a busy family time you’re having this year x:-)x

      1. Indeed she is feeling dreadful and her husband doesn’t drive and her sister sliced the sole of her foot clambering barefoot over rocks in a national park and sits with it in dettol instead of chasing twins. They were here two years ago, sick (that was the year all 13 of us had an attack of vomiting), allergic, shy, and totally averse to sand and sea. My eldest daughter finds all this perversely amusing.

  2. That is beautiful Gilly and first of all I didn’t notice the heart shaped shadow till Sylvia mentioned it, then I went back for another look. I was concentrated on the beautiful colour combination and the sharpness of every little grain of sand. Then the beauty of your haiku words really struck me too…

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