March: Wildlife in the Garden


Jude is having a garden photography challenge for 2016, and this month theme is wildlife. Living in the UK, wildlife bigger than insects, is quite elusive, there are foxes in my neighbourhood but I haven’t seen one for years and only ever late at night. We also have frogs, toads and hedgehogs, but anytime I’ve seen one, I’m way too slow to think about a camera.  A pond creates captive subjects, particularly if those subjects are a bit peckish, and at Marwood Hill carp and ducks are happy side by side when there’s food about.


Jude may just say that captive isn’t wild, and she’ll have to take my word for it that there’s a big garden around the pond!

To join in visit Jude at The Earth Laughs in Flowers.




35 thoughts on “March: Wildlife in the Garden

  1. Great composition Gilly and I wouldn’t dare argue with you about it being ‘wild’ life (Jo will be along to shut me up soon). Those fish look big enough to EAT the ducks!

  2. Can’t believe the clarity of the fish of your photo since the water is gurgling and not smooth and still. Amazing how the ducks and carp live together. Wonderful picture. I call this wildlife. Why not. They’re not domesticated, though cheeky and eat out of your hands. 😀 ❤ ❤

  3. What a great shot of two wild lifes. It almost looks like an abstract with all those lovely water patterns. Super-lovely.

  4. It IS a lovely shot but you musn’t get argumentative with Jude. She’s in charge! 🙂 And woe betide anyone who doesn’t tow the ropes! 🙂 🙂 Every time I turn my back on you for a day you slip 2 or 3 posts in, Gilly! Good job I’m a lazy slob who has plenty of time to swan around the blogs.

    1. I usually post four times a week but if I have some spar moments (Ha!) I occasionally post more – sorry, I know too often can be off putting!
      Lazy? yeah right!

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