It must be spring

because it’s bluebell time!

Let’s have a peep.blu1I wonder if how big this blue carpet is.

blu2How big? this big.

blu3No, it’s even bigger and prettier up close.


Two years ago I posted bluebells at Blackbury camp, and I still think it’s the best place to see them, but here at Lanhydrock it’s a close second, what do you think?



20 thoughts on “It must be spring

  1. Not bad at all. So hard to photograph what our eyes see though. I might try to see if there are any in Glendurgan this week, if the weather holds up!

  2. I personally love bluebells,, around here there is aplace called bluebell wood,, and now to walk through it the forestry are to charge three pounds. What ever next…

  3. Gilly oooh, you are so lucky to have this landscape. I want to see the flowers in Holland, the tulips growing in fields. Love the photo of the fence in foreground.

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