15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Now where have you been? A museum somewhere I guess. I had a rainy museum day and a sunny one too. There’ll be no shutting me up when I get home xx

  2. Love ready old newspapers, I find them fascinating. When I was young we used to buy our fish and chips wrapped in newspaper.

    I would buy a pennyworth of ‘scrumps’ – the man behind the counter would carefully scoop crispy ends of chips into a small greaseproof bag – smile – and then wrap them in a wad of the Daily Sketch! 🙂

      1. Ceased publication in 1971. And we used to just ask for scraps. The bits of leftover batter from frying the fish and free with a bag of chips. Never seemed as greasy as fish ‘n chips often are these days, or maybe that’s because I no longer live oop north 😉

  3. Lovely old newspaper. I was brought up with newspapers – my dad worked for a wholesaler and then had his own newsagent shop so I was immersed in printed ink from an early age! I stopped buying them 20 years ago when they stopped being ‘news’ papers and became gossip rags.

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