A Plant in the Post

What constitutes a wild flower? Among Jude’s definitions are ones that haven’t been planted. I totally admire the tenacity of plants that burst up between rocks, through tiny gaps in paving stones and I’ve even seen Buddleia growing roof on guttering, three floors up. So, wild Campanula does grow in the UK, but this is an escapee, a seed deposited by the wind perhaps, that managed to attach itself to a minute grain of earthy material to help it germinate. I think the spot it’s chosen, attached to a container for things going on a journey, is a perfect foil for its wild spirit, do you agree?



The theme for Jude’s Garden Challenge this month is wild flowers, why not join in?



19 thoughts on “A Plant in the Post

  1. Aw, Gilly! I want to adopt this one! But then a free spirit would hate that, wouldn’t it? A superb wildflower shot! You are nothing short of genius at times. 🙂
    I found an escapee for Jude in Poland, but the darn thing ‘came back to bite me’! We recently had fences replaced at home- wholesale devastation in the garden. On Saturday I was pootling with camera and what do I find? Same plant, ‘escaped’ in ours! I had to ask Mick what it was, of course, and I don’t ever remember seeing it there before, I either need specs or a brain! Have a happy week, darlin’ 🙂 🙂

    1. I’m sure you could adopt a campanula, it would camp out happily in your garden for a while 🙂 I saw a conversation somewhere about an escapee, was it the dead nettle? They have a habit of turning up anywhere hospitable 🙂 I imagine yo have a nice garden with Mick’s expertise?
      I should be moving my btm but I’m struggling to motivate myself towards work this morning – I’m in a different office today and I don’t much like it. Heyho off I go, you have fun doing lady of leisure stuff 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. A Lamium, according to Mick. The garden is a bit of a work in progress since said fence but it’s ok. Hope the week turns out better than you’re expecting. 🙂

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