A Spare Landscape

Pamukkale is a town in Western Turkey and its name means cotton castle. Part of the landscape looks like a large terrace of ice, but it is in fact a travertine terrace formed by mineral rich water cascading down a steep valley.


When I went, you could walk on the terraces, barefoot and at your own risk, because they were rather slippery. Now I believe you can only look from above, well done turkey for protecting this very unusual Unesco site. On a sunny day the surface looks turquoise, but here under a grey sky, and looking into the misty distance the landscape looks quite spare.


20 thoughts on “A Spare Landscape

  1. Lovely shot, Gilly 🙂
    My turn to host girl’s night over till the next time. Left with the pots, dregs of wine and pistachios. Could be worse 🙂 Have a happy weekend!

  2. Lovely capture, Gilly. And interesting that you can no longer walk on them. When I was there, you could, and I did! My photos, though, are in 35mm slides.

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