The Essence of Summer

Jude’s Garden Challenge has moved into a new month with a new theme, the essence of summer. ‘What does summer mean to you?’ she asks. A garden with water is the ideal, but without it, a view of water will do.

Jude's gc

An exotic National Trust garden on a sunny, belated birthday, with a sea view like this is paradise.


15 thoughts on “The Essence of Summer

  1. I love these birthdays that just keep on happening. It looks as if this might make up for the less-than-y itself. Thank you for a touch of the sea too. I’m off to the Baltic for a fix next week, but it won’t be like this – or like home. You’ve captured summer nicely.

  2. I opened your post Gilly and the feeling of summer washed all over me and music suddenly started playing. Was that in your post? I couldn’t make out whether it was or had my computer suddenly tuned in with background music. Very mysterious, but very nice. Don’t even know the name of the music either…

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