A Seascape Framed

A seascape for Paula,


Paula says,

If you want to participate in Thursday’s Special challenge, link to this post and leave me links to your entries in the comment section bellow. Yesterday I started a poll where you can vote for your favourite “shadow” entry. The poll will be opened till next Wednesday, 17 August. For further themes and events please consult the Scheduled challenges page.


19 thoughts on “A Seascape Framed

  1. Cheers for taking me on the challenge, Gilly. I love beaches in wintertime. When there are people on it, it is usually one or two solitary figures and a dog. This shade must come very useful in summertime. I like your composition with a girl in a woolen hat framed with columns. Neat!

  2. Beautiful framing, and your person is perfectly placed. I do want to be beside the seaside! I don’t know whether other people’ seas make the longing more or less. At least playgrounds have sand.

    1. I love the sea, and soft warm sand between my toes. Really need some sunshine until Wednesday because my G-babies are coming down and they only have shingle in where they live in Hampshire. Weren’t you going to the coast this month? Gx

      1. Not the coast. Just a lake. I’ll hope for fine days for the g’babies so they can get sand between their toes. Yesterday’s playground was mainly the springy synthetic stuff instead of the usual sand.

  3. Love this, Gilly! Is that Lindy in the shot? And your dog, being patient? 🙂 🙂 I just read Meg’s comment so I know you have company. Have a grand time together! Sunday hugs 🙂

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