An Elusive Mountain

Paula at Lost in Translation has given us a list of five words to chose from for her Thursday Special this week. Her words are,





and disorder

Flying over north east Borneo to Sabah, there’s good chance you’ll see Mount Kinabalu, unless you’re very fit, you’ll find it pretty elusive otherwise. Even seven years ago I wouldn’t have been fit enough to climb it, mountain are for looking at!


Taken from a plane window, this is isn’t the clearest image, if it was it wouldn’t be quite as elusive would it? 🙂

Paula would love to see you too, pop across and say hello.



9 thoughts on “An Elusive Mountain

  1. My daughter returned home yesterday after an attempt at climbing Kinabalu… really need to train for this, as altitude sickness can add to your lack of fitness.Me? I’ll hope for glimpses from plane windows (or, more comfortably), her photos

  2. And I thought people did not like my words 😀 I have a deep love for mountains, but my appreciation of them is usually from the bottom. I am very happy you joined, Gilly and very appreciative of your choice of word and interpretation. These clouds look very elusive too.

  3. I’m pleased you chose Kinabalu. My partner has climbed it so it’s interesting to catch a glimpse of it. Your photograph reminds me of a flight over the Alps when a voice in my ear said “That’s Mont Blanc, and that’s the route I took when I climbed it”. It was a surreal moment!

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