The Details on Guell

I went to Park Guell last year, but my friend didn’t so that was a great excuse to go again! But I won’t bore you with more of the same, instead, I’ve created a gallery of some of the smaller details, the Trencadis mosaics.

It’s commonly believed that Gaudi, Park Guell’s architect, invented the Trencadis modernist style, but it’s more likely that it originated in the ancient Arab world. I’ve tried mosaic work, just making a house number. The result was pretty good, but it was very hard on my hands, and I wouldn’t want to do it again. I can’t imagine the number of hours it must have taken to create Park Guell.


14 thoughts on “The Details on Guell

  1. Wonderful examples. I never thought about the hands doing the work. Ouch. One elementary school I attended had a wall done in mosaics (probably 8 – 10 feet wide). I was in awe of the work though I don’t recall, the subject, but I remember the feeling. โค โค โค Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I love Park Guell! It is such an incredible place, so creative and so much fun. It’s like being a kid again. Nice capture.


  3. Wow, you even tried mosaic work!! The details are incredible, especially the second to the last one. Glad you went the second time. We were told to wait 90 minutes to get in…

  4. Lovely details – did you have to wait again or did you pre-book? And is there any easier route to the entrance than that hill I remember you mentioning before?

    1. We pre-booked! Apparently there is a way up via Lesseps metro and an escalator, but then a long walk. In the end we just went for the hill, slowly, and it didn’t seem as bad as i remembered. Because I’d drama queened it so much to my friend she was expecting far worse and coped despite her arthritic knees.

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