Santa Maria Del Mar

Barcelona’s Cathedral of the sea, isn’t actually a Cathedral at all, but a beautiful 14th century Gothic church. It was on my list of places to see in Barcelona this time, but on no particular day. In the event, we stumbled upon it by accident while wandering around El Born and La Ribera areas. In case you want to find it, it’s at the end of the street where you’ll find the Picasso museum, heading towards the sea.

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The exterior of the church is a little dull, squeezed as it is in the narrow streets of the Ribera, and once you climb to the rooftop, you’ll see just how densely built the area is. You can enter the church without any cost at certain times of the day, but we were happy to pay our 8 euros for a tour of the rooftops. A tour was about to begin, so we had little time to consider the impact on our knees of climbing 140 steps!

There’s another chance to draw breathe after 60 more steps, then just 10 and you’re on the roof.

The church of Our Lady of the Sea was well worth the visit, I’m so glad we stumbled upon it. I believe that if your timing is good, you may get to hear musical rehearsals. It’s known as the people’s church, and because of it’s beauty, it’s also one of the most popular for weddings. I hope you enjoyed sharing my visit.



15 thoughts on “Santa Maria Del Mar

  1. How very wonderful for you to be so close to so many majestic churches (could pass for a cathedral) and to view all of the grandeur. In the US you might find some very large churches on the East coast but nothing like this and where I live we might have a few big churches but nothing so grand. I am enjoying your photos from Barcelona. I will never get to see these things up close and personal but feel like I am there with you and the steps….so worth the view in the end. 🙂

  2. Incredible displays and designs of the church, and you photograph it well. How I am kicking myself for missing my chance to visit Barcelona or Madrid.

  3. I thank you for taking me up the tower as I am avoiding stairs! Lovely views and I like the effect of those last few shots – dramatic setting on the Olympus?

      1. a) My knees don’t like coming down them
        b) last time I did a spiral staircase I injured my foot – Achilles tendinitis which took months to heal

        which is why I appreciate people like you who climb them and show me the views 😀

  4. I hope you weren’t standing next to these bells when they rang 🙂 I like people’s churches, and if I ever go again I will make sure to look it up. Beautiful post, Gilly. Awesome views!

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