Garden Photography, a Favourite

Although I appreciate the amount of work that goes into making a garden neat and pristine, with everything ordered, it really doesn’t suit me at all. You knew that didn’t you?

You know I bend rules as well, but Jude won’t mind, she said she’d like this place.

So here we are back at Hill House, where you can find all kinds of rustic treasure.


Add a touch of creativity, wouldn’t these make interesting features?

Or you could look inside the glasshouse,

hhs2You never know what you’ll find there.

hhs3Lots to inspire.

Even flowers!

So who knows what this is?

hhs9Besides being a rather unique framework for climbing plants.

hhs12We’ll pop back outside and say hi to this little lady, now the shower’s cleared.

hhs11Soak away the gardener’s aches and pains?

hhs10Perhaps a sit down on this rather splendid old bench, does it need a coat of paint or is it fine just as it is?

hhs8This small glasshouse has become rather overgrown since I last saw it, next time I might not be able to squeeze in at all.

So do you know what the climbing plant frame was originally?

Okay, it’s a wine bottle drier 🙂 and like all these items, it’s for sale.

Jude’s Garden Challenge theme this month is ‘Favourite Gardens’, may be you’d like to join in.



12 thoughts on “Garden Photography, a Favourite

  1. looks like a fun place to visit. checked your link to the other post, and enjoyed the views there as well. looks like a must-see place.
    and no, i couldn’t guess what it was…

  2. Oh, yes, I would indeed love this place, but would I manage not to give in to temptation? I saw a few things there I wouldn’t mind having… thanks Gilly 🙂

    And I didn’t know what the object was, thought it might be some kind of mini plough thingymebob!

  3. A favourite for me too. It reminds me of a friend’s garden at home. All those lovely objects with the beauty of slightly battered timber and metal, and then flowers too. Rust is one of my favourite artists! It’s a wonderful garden.

  4. Oh … so many treasures I could use in my garden. My orchids would be very happy.
    I love the concrete chair/pot with the delicate pruple flowers. The bench is a beauty.
    Sweet … What a great place for adventure…???!!!! Great post Gilly.
    Issy 😎

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