Aphrodisias, seeking the Goddess

It’s Black and White Sunday again, the week has flown by. Paula thinks that landscapes are everyone’s favourite theme, well I’m not sure that I agree, I find them quite difficult, especially in black and white.

My entry this week is an image of Aphrodisias, an ancient Greek city in central Anatolia.

pbwsThe city was named after the Greek goddess of love in the second century BC, but it’s long been a sacred site. It’s believed that neolithic people worshipped the mother goddess nearly six thousand years earlier. It’s less visited than Ephesus, but is far more interesting, especially with its connection to the sacred feminine.


17 thoughts on “Aphrodisias, seeking the Goddess

  1. Looking at this terrific edit of what was a great photo to start with, I would never guess that you find monochrome landscapes challenging. I really appreciate your effort and participation, Gilly. I heard of Aphrodisias before, but I never saw images of it prior to your post. The scene is beautifully composed with a wide range of monochromes, and I love that there are no tourists in it 🙂

  2. Great image, Gilly…I want to be there! I agree with you, in that landscapes are not my favourite theme, but I will have to see what I can find

  3. I find landscapes difficult too – I am much happier with the closer views, though I have started to venture into landscape recently. You really have to have a place which gives you that view. My hill isn’t too bad on that score. But black and white? Not easy. I do like your offering though. Great landscape and I love the way the ruined pillars mimic the cypress trees – or should that be the other way round?

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