Resilient enough?

Ben at the Daily Post says,

Let’s close the year by celebrating people, places, and objects that endure.

Well I’m so late with my weekly photo challenge entry that I’m beginning the year rather than ending it. I nearly didn’t bother this week, but then something triggered a memory. A few years ago, my oldest G-baby was really interested in fossils, so I took her to see some, but it was an epic fail. We walked along the stretch of beach where I thought I’d taken these photos a few years before and I couldn’t find them! Poor Louisa was so disappointed, we had to go to the fossil shop, where I bought her a tiny ammonite. Not the same at all when I’d promised her fossils wider than she was tall.

I never did find out for certain what happened to them, at the time I said there must have been another land slide that covered them, they were frequent. But it’s possible that I just couldn’t find them. I need to go back and try again – on my own!

This is my ‘resilient’ entry, I expect you ‘ve already done yours.

This is also a reply to Liz who asked if I’d ever found any fossils. She has a stunning wildlife blog, full of photos of the flora and fauna, in the area around Capetown.


7 thoughts on “Resilient enough?

  1. You would know that I love this post, and envy such sighting. What a pity you couldn’t find the spot again, but then that seems to be the nature of special spots. I remember seeing our first orchid in the bush; knowing exactly where it was – and never being able to find it again. Who was more disappointed? You or your granddaughter?

  2. Here today, gone tomorrow. Saw some of these huge fossils on the “walking the coast” programme last week. Can’t say I have been so lucky myself, though I do have a sort of ammonite from Whitby, found on the beach near there. And can I say I like this cooler colour better than the black and white?

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