Stop climbing over the balustrade

When I was a little girl, we didn’t have an upstairs, so any chance I could, I’d scramble around on stairs and climb over balustrades. I always wanted to climb right to the top and slide down the stairs. Of course I’d get told off, and off course I told my children not to do it as well!

Did you ever climb over balustrades?

These three are all in Tavira, have a lovely time Jo!

I was over the moon, when I saw Paula’s Thursday Special.


12 thoughts on “Stop climbing over the balustrade

  1. Bless you, hon, I will! Despite the heat 🙂 🙂 Don’t go till Thursday so I’ll catch up with you before then. Do I look the kind of person who climbs over bannisters? 🙂 🙂 Hope it was a happy Sunday. I’ve just waved farewell to James and Lauren.

  2. All the time growing up :D. What a sweet idea for the theme, Gilly. These are fascinating examples and well capture too. Thank you.

    1. oops meant to say my parents were once part of a winebottling group, in the latter years they still enjoyed the wine but gave up on the bottling. Anyhow on one of their group weekends away apparently three of them decided to slide down the banister of a very large staircase in a very nice hotel in Bath!!! So whatever age you are it seems balustrades and banisters call you 🙂

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