The Strangest Pub I didn’t go in

First of all, I’ll confess that the title of the post was going to be the weirdest no the wierdest pub but I couldn’t make my mind up how to spell it. Do you ever get letter blind and unable to spell a word that you’ve written a million times? Please don’t all say no, you’re losing it G šŸ™‚

Anyway, back to the strange pub. It’s called the Highwayman and it’s on Dartmoor. Here he is holding up a coach!

and a gallery, click for a bigger view.

Here’s the man himself, unless you want to risk highway robbery,get off the moor before night falls.

What a weird place, I’ve heard it’s even stranger inside. They have rooms if you want to stay, but of course it’s haunted.


14 thoughts on “The Strangest Pub I didn’t go in

  1. Yes, I’d say that’s pretty weird. Every once in a while I’m writing along and all of a sudden can’t decide which spelling is correct for a word I want to use. That’s when I bless the Internet and pull up a new page and type in the spelling I think is correct. Whether it is or not, the word comes up, and I have the right spelling in front of me.

  2. Word blind – happens to me all the time. And I am also good at typing so fast that the letters get transposed – and sometimes my brain gets left behind! As for that pub, I think I would avoid going inside, it looks more than a little spooky. Mindst you there are lots of weird pubs in this part of the world!!

  3. I completely understand your word blindness over the word “weird”. I also get stuck on that word. I overthink it. Whenever I go to type “weird”, I stop, think, think again and then spell it incorrectly! Weird, or what?

  4. It’s when the brain is so full of other stuff Gilly words get scrambled sometimes šŸ™‚. Could this not be based on the famous Dick Turpin and Black Bess legend? Did ‘t he skulk around robbing coaches? It does look rather spooky -šŸ˜±

  5. How did the horse get up there!!!

    Not only do I suffer from your type of word blind, I also have the one where I consistency spell a short word wrong. For years also was aslo!

  6. Becky is weird! (but don’t tell her šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ ) She’s lovely, really! I do rather struggle with the pink doors, but otherwise, perfectly normal. šŸ™‚ Always wanted to meet Dick.

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