Traces of the past

Over to the west of Dartmoor a thatched cottage is growing out of the earth, or perhaps it’s sliding into the earth. Built in the 17th century this curved house has a passage through the middle, which might have been a division between house and livestock originally. It was the old post office for a period, and although it looks abandoned, there are also signs of work being done and the thatch seems to be in good condition. I hope it’s restored to it’s former glory, that would cost an awful lot of money.

Paula’s Thursday Special this week is traces of the past.


27 thoughts on “Traces of the past

  1. Are there still thatchers around? And what are the walls made of? It’s a beautiful photo, and trace of the past indeed. I hope you’re planning a weekend to look forward too.

    1. There are thatchers yes, and a long waiting list if you need one. There are still lots of thatched cottages over here. I couldn’t get close enough but I’d guess the walls are cob, my friends 16th century cottage is. 🙂

  2. Wonderful building. I’ve not seen thatching in years, not since I was in England… certainly none that I know of, in Wales.

  3. This is such a historic looking house. You photographed it so well, Gilly.
    My eldest granddaughter traveled to Ireland two years ago to meet her husbands family. When she returned she mentioned the wonderful thatched homes in the area where she had been. And, the rain. I imagine that’s why everything is very green. I love this photograph. It’s perfect for a fairytale story.

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