A Medieval Setting

If you’re a fan of the video game, Assasin’s Creed, then you may like to visit Monteriggioni, in Tuscany. It’s one of the loveliest of Tuscan medieval hilltop villages, and it’s also been the location for several films, because of it’s authenticity. The village has a circular wall around 570 metres long and was a strategic fortification between Siena and Florence in the middle ages, built by the Sienese in their wars with Florence.

All is peaceful now though.

The pilgrimage route of St Francis passes through on it’s way to Assisi.

and there are lots of rustic sights like this beautiful old door.

and an ancient lintel with a heavy load to bear.

Here’s a photo for you Jude!

One of the towers

a village street

There are two ancient gates to the fort, PortoΒ  Romano to the south, and this I believe is Porto Fiorentia to the north.

I hope you like this pretty little place, can you imagine Russel Crowe striding through the streets? I’d be quite happy to bump into him.


13 thoughts on “A Medieval Setting

  1. I, personally, am quite happy without Russell Crowe. I’d infinitely rather bump into you! And what a place to do it. These photos are a lovely way to greet a rainy (hallelujah! has been and more predicted) Wednesday morning. All those textures and antiquity: a visual feast.

  2. I cannot believe you are a video game fan Gilly! And Assassins too! But what a delightful place, I’d happily spend a few hours here. Thank you for the post box. That’s a little beauty. I wonder what age it is?

  3. I’m surprised you are a video game player, Gilly. πŸ™‚ I used to play, now photography and blog have consumed my leisure time. Lovely photos of the special town. I’ll remember to visit there when I go back to Tuscany. πŸ™‚

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