Built to last

When I first saw a travel programme about Cappadocia I thought how surreal it looked and I really wanted to see it for myself. A few years later I found my way there and it didn’t disappoint, it looked totally out of this world.

with it’s landscape of bizarre rock formations,

cave dwellings, both ancient,

and still in use. In fact you can even stay in some of them, fancy a week as a troglodyte?


15 thoughts on “Built to last

  1. You’d think this would be a location in Star Wars, but apparently not. Another world. Another planet. Did you stay in one? I would have been tempted.

  2. Definitely surreal, Gilly. 🙂 🙂 Struggling with an Internet connection because we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm. The rain is bouncing off our little patio table. I may not manage a walk this week as we’re going next door to the neighbours soon. Sort of a farewell because they have company arriving tomorrow. I suspect more drinking will occur. 😦

  3. Nice photos for the challenge. It’s very reminiscent of the shelters for the Anasazi tribe of the American Southwest. They just vanished one day. Perhaps they ended up here?

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